REFORM LIVE, is a timely and compelling new visual and performing arts theater production conceived, produced and co-directed by Kerri Edge. The 60-minute work-in-progress meshes insightful storytelling that traces the plight of a handful of African American males within the criminal justice system throughout the United States with urban political music, tap dance, poetry and provocative visual film footage. The six lead characters' stories, which span over 20 years to present of incarceration with the penal system, are recaptured in several poignant scenes that fuse emotionally gripping monologues with inspired dance/choreography and spirited musical accents.


Each short story has its own timestamp and is based on real life stories of both presently and formerly incarcerated individuals portrayed by a talented cast of actors including; Baakari Wilder, Omar Edwards, Jason Samuels Smith, Abron Glover, Joe Webb and Dougie Baldeo.


As REFORM LIVE travels from city to city in adopts a tagline named after the city and the stories within the production change to meet the current focus areas of the prison reform advocates who represent the city in which the production is currently being housed.


REFORM Live, NYC is the work's origin created by Queens Council on the Arts Art Commissioning Program Awardee in Choreography, Kerri Edge and supported by the Queens Council on the Arts with funds from the Scherman Foundations's Rosin Fund. The project's World Premiere was housed at the Black Spectrum Theatre in Jamaica, Queens and was presented by Queens Council on the Arts, the Milton G. Bassin Performing Arts Center of CUNY York College and the Edge School of the Arts. Executive Producer, Cheryl Wills (NY1) worked in partnership with Cultural Collaborative Jamaica to provide a artist talk led by Charles Moore of Rehabilitation Through the Arts (RTA) and a panel discussion led by Ms. Wills including panelists Terrance Coffie of the DOE Fund, Erica Ford of LIFE Camp, Inc. & Kevin Livingston of 100 Suits, Inc.



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